Balayage is a subtle way of creating natural highlights.  Balayage actually means the painting of hair and is used in creating Ombre and Ecailltechniques.  It is a great way to create soft dimension when you want a little change or a sun kissed look.

The Bob is soft and contemporary. It can add volume to those with a finer texture of hair or help define a shape on those with a thicker texture.  This cut can be extremely versatile worn well straight, wavy or curly. 

The new color trend of  2015  “Ecaille”  also known as “Tortiseshell” hair is this years go to color must have.  The name tortoiseshell stands for the variety or dimensional color your might find in it. When it comes to your hair, this means lots of rich chocolate tones at the base alternating with lighter golden tones throughout the hair. 

The Lob, cousin to the bob, is the haircut trend of 2015. The piece-y beach wave look that often hangs just above the shoulders is the way it’s worn best. Also versatile like the bob it can look great in many different styles and textures.  

  Ombre is still in full effect as it has been throughout the years although it sometimes carried a different name. A graduation of tones or colors, dark to light or light to dark, it can be very dramatic or a more subtle natural look.